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The lights provide beauty and increase entertainment level of environment. The fountain light Thalassery increases beauty of various types of fountains. These are available in various colors and sizes. GTM pool is fountain lights manufacturer in Thalassery. We are leading brand in providing types of fountain lights In Thalassery. We provide durable and economic fountain lights. These fountains are easy to use and easy to maintain it. We provide new models of fountain lights and also provide pre and post manufacturing services. These are easily install and available in various series and types.

The fountains light are applicable at swimming pool and pond. These are available in various design and color so make it possible for easily installation at desired places. We provide various types of fountain light and accessories. Our fountain light series are FSLED series, RG LED series, RG LED 40 series, SHLED series, linear LED series, FSC �S series, FSC LED series, FMC series, FMCLED series, SHLED-P series, LEDPDS series, LEDPS�PS60/120 series, LEDPS-240/480 series, lighting controller DMX-C200, Lighting control DMX-C100, junction box JB series, junction box-JBF Series, moveable junction box, cord seals, stub up.

GTM pool provides full swimming pool lighting solution and various accessories necessary for set up fountain. These includes halogen light- concrete, led light-concrete LSP series, J&J lighting- color splash, J&J Lighting � pure white, PAR 56 LED lamp, ultra flat LED Light, RF-Remote, transformer-TRF series and deck box.

Our fountain light in Thalassery and accessories are based on new technology. These are fully controllable and easily match with the water effect and its sequence. The fountains led light in Thalassery are ideal for swimming pool and for other place of requirement. Our products consume very low power and excellent in providing better color light. These can easily control by any DMX Controller. These are easily used with different types of nozzles.

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